I will be unavailable from September 11 to September 20. Customer service will be unavailable during this time.

I will respond to all customer service requests when I return! :)


Automated updates for version 1.3.1 MystiTools are enabled again!

If you have not received your update package (version 2.0.2) automatically, please use the in-store upgrade kiosk while wearing your old MystiTool.

You may also contact Mystical Cookie inworld via notecard for manual delivery. :)

Automated updates have been disabled for version 1.3.1 MystiTools.

Anyone still using MystiTool version 1.3.1 is still eligible for a free upgrade to the latest version! To receive your free upgrade, please contact Mystical Cookie inworld via notecard. :)

Hello! This release contains feature enhancements and bug fixes. :)

If you do not receive your update package, please visit my shop in Blumfield and click the “Upgrade Check” sign while wearing your old MystiTool. :)

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed: Animation script was forcing animation names to lowercase, resulting in mixed case animations not found.

General Changes:

  • AV Scanner with “legacy names” (display names disabled) will now hide “Resident” surnames for a cleaner list.
    • You may use “/1 scan resident” to show or hide “Resident” surnames.
  • Updated V1 compatibility script to translate scripted animation commands coming from v1.x scripts.
    • This should accommodate scripts such as Rika Watanabe’s Dance HUD plugin.
  • DynaTable chairs are now set to “Click to Sit”.

Land Commands plugin changes:

  • NEW: Pass and Unpass commands. Does anyone ever use land passes? :)
  • It is now possible to specify a duration for bans and land passes. Say: /1 ban_time
  • Removed the warning message “You are not the sole land owner where you are standing!”.

Land Relay objects changes:

  • Support for temporary bans and land passes.
  • Land Relay can now display the last 10 commands relayed through it. Say “/1 relay history” near a Land Relay.
  • All previously rezzed Land Relay objects must be replaced with version 2.0.2 to gain these features.

Offensive plugin changes:

  • Drag and Toss commands will now attempt to unsit the target avatar every 10 seconds.
  • Trap menu now includes Ban, Unban, Unsit, and TP Home. Available in Trap and Toss modes only.
  • Kill and Trap objects are now removed from the hud inventory when the Offensive plugin is uninstalled.

Hello! I have prepared a small patch (update) for anyone experiencing problems with MystiTool v2’s animation commands or Rika Watanabe’s Dance HUD plugin.

This includes a bug fix for MystiTool’s animation script which forced animation names to lowercase, and an update to the V1 compatibility feature to translate scripted animation commands coming from v1.x scripts.

These changes will be included in the next release of MystiTool, but if anyone would like a copy of the updated scripts before release, please feel free to contact Mystical Cookie inworld! :)

Hello! This is a bug fix release.

If you do not receive your update package, please visit my shop in Blumfield and click the “Upgrade Check” sign while wearing your old MystiTool. :)

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed: Chat range notifications were not working properly when AV Scanner was disabled.


  • Chat range check (for notifications) is now run before updating the AV Scanner hovertext.
    • This should result in slightly faster chat range notifications. (both use the same script)
  • Changed the default chat range notification sound to something nicer. :)
    • Three chat range notification sounds are now provided as easy to install patches in the included plugin package.

Hello! I am documenting all confirmed bugs here. If you have found a problem or bug not listed here, please send a notecard to Mystical Cookie inworld! :)

  • Chat range notification does not work correctly when AV Scanner is disabled.
    • Workaround: Set AV Scanner range to 20 meters. (/1 scan 20)

I will wait about one week for more bug reports before releasing an update to fix discovered bugs, unless a very severe bug is found. :)

Hello! After nearly 8 months of development (and a very busy RL), version 2.0 is finally released!

This is a major maintenance and modernization release.

If you do not receive your update package, please visit my shop in Blumfield and click the “Upgrade Check” sign while wearing your old MystiTool. :)

Important changes for plugin creators and users:

  • MAJOR change to internal script communications. Scripting for MystiTool should now be easier.
    • MystiTool v1.x and v2.x plugins are now INCOMPATIBLE.
    • If you are still using v1.x plugins, a compatibility script is provided which should allow your old plugins to continue working.
    • This compatibility feature is found in the plugin menu as “V1compat”.
    • Scripters: Please see the notecard “Scripting for MystiTool” for more information!

New things:

  • NEW: Added ability to toggle horizontal / vertical button alignment. (/1 but horiz) and (/1 but vert)
  • NEW: Automatic crashed script recovery. Crashed scripts (in the hud’s root prim) will be automatically reset.
  • NEW: Targeting functions available to plugin creators! See notecard “Scripting for MystiTool” for more details. :)

Avatar Scanner changes:

  • AV Scanner range is no longer limited to 96 meters. Use “/1 scan on” for entire region!
    • AV Scanner default now is to scan entire region instead of only 96m.
    • New Privacy menu button: “Scan On”. This enables scanning of the entire sim.
    • Increased maximum number of avatar names displayed in AV Scanner. (Max = 21 names)
    • Recompiled AV Scanner script to Mono to eliminate possible “stack heap collision” errors.
  • Sim-wide av scanner (“/1 scan sim” and remote) no longer requires the use of “probes” and will work anywhere.
  • Remote sim-wide av scanners are no longer limited to 768 meters altitude.
    • Added “/1 id” capability to remote scanner objects to report their location within the sim.
    • You may shout “/1 id” or use MystiTool’s “/1 regsay 1 id” to trigger this command.
    • Older remote sim-wide av scanners will need to be re-rezzed to take advantage of these changes.
  • “Scan Keys” feature is no longer limited to 96 meters sensor range.

Sleep mode changes:

  • Redundant sleep requests (per land owner) have been eliminated.
    • Only one sleep request per land owner will now be recognized per region.
  • Automatic wake from sleep mode now happens only when teleporting out of the region, instead of when leaving the parcel where sleep mode was enabled.
  • The hud menus are no longer restricted in sleep mode. All menus are now visible, though some features may still be sleeping and unavailable.

DynaTable changes:

  • Chairs will now follow the table sim-wide when the table is moved.
  • Chairs will now align as expected when table is rotated in any direction. (Yay meetings on the ceiling!)
  • New chairs will now rez in the new chair position, instead of in the center of the table.
  • It is now safe to directly rez the DynaTable from inventory, without using the hud to rez it first.
  • It may still be necessary to select “Align” from the table menu after moving or rotating it.

All other changes:

  • All targeted commands are now using a completely rewritten, centralized targeting system.
    • Targeted commands no longer require 96 meters range to execute commands.
  • Flight assist option “sideways” is now default ON. (/1 flight side)
  • Updated plugin installer example script for easier use by plugin creators.
    • Only one variable and one list at the top of the script must be modified now.
  • The sky platform’s walls and railing will now follow the platform sim-wide.
    • Added an “Align” menu button to force alignment of the platform’s walls and railing.
  • Kill and trap commands will now locate targets beyond 96 meters.
  • Drag command will now attempt to unsit the target avatar.
  • Quick cosmetic redesign of the skydiving platform, low-prim design preserved.
  • Reduced script count in the Camera Follower object. (only one script now)
  • Eliminated the use of sensors where possible or practical.
  • Added location display to “/1 id” command. Useful for locating lost MystiTool huds, implants, land relays, and remote scanners.
  • The Settings Backup barrel will now rename itself with the current date (UTC) when a backup is completed.

Features converted to plugins:

  • AV Toys (Find / Mimic / Popup / Stand / etc)
    • The AV Toys plugin must be installed to use the “Find Avatar” feature of the implant.
  • Offensive features (Kill, Trap, Toss, Drag, etc)
  • Land Commands (Ban, Eject, Land Calculator, etc)


  • Fixed: Redundant chat range notifications in crowded areas should be eliminated.
  • Fixed: Implant chat command channel was not being set during a settings restore. (since 1.6.0)
  • Fixed: Object Chat ID plugin on/off setting was not being saved during a settings backup.
  • Fixed: Using “/1 plugins” on a fresh MystiTool without first using the main menus would temporarily result in unordered menus.

Memory allocation:

  • Memory allocation report for the HUD with no plugins installed: 346kb.
  • With all plugins installed: 586kb. Plugins are easily removed via menus.
  • Please uninstall any plugins you do not need. :)

Plugins written for MystiTool v1 will NOT be compatible with v2.

However, MystiTool v2.0 will include a compatibility script for old v1 scripts, which should allow most v1 scripts and plugins to continue functioning with MystiTool v2.

Information for plugin creators

Internal script communication is changed for v2.0:

  • Instead of using spaces (” “) as separators in link messages, a special string of three characters is now used. (“|%^”)
  • Link messages are now prefixed with two new fields.
  • The integer passed in a link message is changed to 1983745562.

Here is an example of a link message in MystiTool v2.0:

llMessageLinked(LINK_ROOT, 1983745562, “v2|%^|%^888888|%^scan|%^on”, “”);

There should be no further changes to internal script communications.

Hello! I have begun work on MystiTool v2.0.

MystiTool v1.6.1 will be the final release in the version 1 series. Yes, I know certain things are very outdated. This will be addressed in v2.0. :)

I have removed the v1 development kiosk for the moment. There was no real interest in it anyway. :)