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Goodbye, Avendale

After four years (2007 – 2011), Avendale estate will disappear forever.

All sims will disappear in the first week of October. I have already removed our sandbox sim due to its approaching billing date.

  • Avendale (sandbox sim) – Gone as of today.
  • Nevi – 2011 Oct 04
  • Adeo – 2011 Oct 02

I have sent a group notice as well as an additional notecard + IMs directly to our remaining four residents. Refunds have also been sent to the names on the parcel meters.

Please feel free to continue using your land until the sims disappear, but please remove your no-copy items! When our sims disappear, there will be no warning and all items in our sims at that time will be permanently lost!

I would like to thank all who contributed and participated in our community over the years for all the wonderful memories and fun times!


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