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I will be unavailable from September 11 to September 20. Customer service will be unavailable during this time.

I will respond to all customer service requests when I return! :)



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Hello! I have been away again, for about two years. (2009 Dec – 2011 Sep)

I have received many offline IMs to my email and many notecards inworld. I will try my best to respond to all I have received as quickly as possible, but it will be some time for me to review two years of inquiries. My best method of contact is still notecards.

I am unsure of the future of MystiTool, but I will continue to support and release minor updates for bug fixes. It will be some time for me to “catch up” and more time for me to decide how MystiTool will evolve for modern SL.

On personal things, I am again very sorry to disappear for a very long time without notice. I expect I will receive many IMs in the next few weeks and I will try to respond, but please do not be upset if I do not respond immediately. It currently is difficult for me to concentrate and I apologize now for any misunderstandings.

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